Multiple Choice Questions on Phycology (MCQ on Algae)

1.Which of the following is the exact role of the heterocysts in blue-green algae?

A) Nitrogen fixation B) Fragmentation of filaments for vegetative reproduction

C) Asexual reproduction D) All of the above


2. Which algal division never produces motile, flagellated cells among any of its members?

A) Chlorophyta B) Chrysophyta C) Phaeophyta D) Rhodophyta


3. Which among the following is freshwater red algae? 

A) Pterocladia  B) Polysiphonia  C) Batrachospermum  D) Porphyra 


4. Irish moss is:

A) Porella B) Pallavicinia C) Funaria   D) Chondrus crispus


5. Which among the following possess isomorphic haplo-dipontic life cycle? 

A) Ulva B) Laminaria  C) Sargassum  D) Polysiphonia 


6. Mannitol is the reserve food material in-------. 

A) Brown algae  B) Red algae  C) Green algae  D) Blue-green algae  


7. Which of these enzymes can be found associated with pyrenoids?

I. Alpha-Amylase II. Rubisco I II. PEP   IV. Citric acid synthase

A) I B) II C) I and II D) All of these


8. An algae that are commonly used for the production of single-cell protein is

A) Arthrospira B) Spirogyra C) Nostoc D) Anabaena


9. Green algal life cycle, where the somatic phase (plant) is haploid (gametophyte) while the diploid phase (sporophyte) is represented by zygote is called -----, found in.----

A) Diplontic, Ulothrix B) Diplontic, Codium C) Haplontic, Ulva D) Haplontic, Ulothrix


10. Arrange the following algae based on its evolutionary advancement of thallus

I. Volvox II. Ulothrix III. Chlamydomonas IV. Ulva V. Chara

A) I, II, IV, III, V B) III, I, II, IV, V C) IV, III, I, V, II   D) III, II, I, IV, V 

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1. A) Nitrogen fixation

2. D) Rhodophyta

3. C) Batrachospermum 

4. D) Chondrus crispus

5. A) Ulva 

6. A) Brown algae 

7. B) II

8. A) Arthrospira

9. D) Haplontic, Ulothrix

10. B) III, I, II, IV, V 

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