Biotechnology SET Questions(101-120) | Biotech MCQ

101. ------ is not a multiple sequence alignment tool.


102. ------ is the technique used for creating Dolly.

A) Pronuclear microinjection 

B) cumulus cell nuclear transfer

C) ES cell nuclear transfer 

D) Somatic cell nuclear transfer

103. Ethical principle of autonomy is used as an argument against

A) Cloning 

B) Germline gene therapy

C) Transgenic technology 

D) All of the above

104. An mRNA molecule has the following sequence

5' AUGGCCAUGGC 3'. Then what is the sequence of the template strand:





Biotechnology SET Questions(101-120)

105. Barr bodies:

Statement 1. Are the result of facultative heterochromatisation

Statement 2. Help in dosage compensation

A) Both 1 and 2 are correct B) 1 is correct, and 2 is wrong

C) 1 is wrong, and 2 is correct D) Both 1 and 2 are wrong

106. Which among the following is an apoptosis inhibitor?

A) bcl-2 

B) ced-9

C) Both A and B 

D) None of these

107. The three amino acids involved in the activation of MPF to promote G2 to M

transition are:

A) Thr -161 dephosphorylated, Thr 14 and Tyr 15 phosphorylated

B) Thr-161 phosphorylated, Thr 15 and Tyr 14 dephosphorylated

C) Thr-161, Thr- 15, and Tyr 14 dephosphorylated

D) Thr-161 phosphorylated, Thr 14 and Tyr 15 dephosphorylated

108. The anterioposterior structure determining maternal genes of Drosophila are:

A) bicoid and hunchback for anterior structure and nanos and caudal for posterior structures

B) bicoid and hunchback for posterior structure and nanos and caudal for anterior structures

C) bicoid and caudal for anterior structure and nanos and hunchback for posterior structures

D) nanos and hunchback for anterior structure and bicoid and caudal for posterior structures

109. Which among the following is RNA-dependent DNA polymerase?

A) Terminal Deoxy nucleotidyl transferase

B) Reverse Transcriptase

C) DNA polymerase1

D) Primase

110. ----- is the only switched-on gene in lysogenic Lambda.

A) cro B) int C) rec D) cI

111. ------ is high throughput sequencing procedure.

A) Illumina B) Sanger’s C) Maxam and Gilbert’s D) None of these

112. ------ is a nucleic acid database.

A) DDJB B) PIR C) Swiss-Prot D) MIPS

113. The earliest branching species in a phylogram is called:

A) Taxa B) Ingroup C) Clade D) outgroup

114. ------- is not a criterion for patentability under Indian patent Act.

A) Usefulness B) Novelty C) Inventive step D) Industrial application

115. A centralised international patent application procedure was ensured by:


116. The biological entities which are nonpatentable according to Indian Patent Act?

A) A new plasmid vector

B) A transgenic cellline

C) An extant plant variety

D) A protein produced by rDNA technology

117. The Indian patent act 2005 excluded patenting of:

A) Living entities of natural origin

B) Living entities of artificial origin

C) The process of preparing a biological cell

D) All of the above

118. ------ is the nodal centre for Indian biosafety frame work.

A) DST B) DBT C) ICMR D) Ministry of Environment and protection

119. ------- is the plant variety protection method used in India.

A) PPVFR B) PBR C) Patent D) Sui Generis

120. Baffles in a bioreactor helps in preventing:

A) Vortexing B) Contamination C) Aeration D) Excess mixing

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101.B) BLAST

102.D) Somatic cell nuclear transfer

103. D) All of the above

104. C) 5'GCCATGGCCAT3' 


106. C) Both A and B 

107.D) Thr-161 phosphorylated, Thr 14 and Tyr 15 dephosphorylated

108. A) bicoid and hunchback for anterior structure and nanos and caudal for posterior structures

109.B) Reverse Transcriptase

110. D) cI

111. A) Illumina 

112.A) DDJB 

113. D) outgroup

114. A) Usefulness

115. C) PCT

116. C) An extant plant variety

117.D) All of the above

118.B) DBT 

119. D) Sui Generis

120.A) Vortexing

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