MCQ on Economic Importance of Algae | Plant Science MCQ

1. Which alga is known as sea lettuce?

A) Fucus

B) Caulerpa

C) Ulva 

D) Padina

MCQ on Economic Importance of Algae

2.Reserve food in Phaeophyceae 

A) Volutine

B) Laminarin

C) Starch

D) Floridian starch

3.Harmful Algal bloom’ is the result of accumulation of species of

A) Lemna

B) Pistia

C) Alexandrium 

D) Volvox

4. Mannitol is the reserve food material in-------. 

A) Brown algae  

B) Red algae  

C) Green algae  

D) Blue-green algae  

5. Chlorella will fulfill the need of all vitamins except

A) Ascorbic acid 

B) Biotin

C) Plamitic acid

D) Pathonic acid

6. Laminarin is the reserve food material of

A) Chlorophyta

B) Rhodophyta

C) Phaeophyta 

D) Cyanophyta

 7. An algae that are commonly used for the production of single-cell protein is


B) Spirogyra 

C) Nostoc 

D) Anabaena


8.  Agar-Agar is obtained from 

A) Gelidium

B) Polysiphonia

C) Fucus

C) Laminaria


9. Iodine is obtained from


A) Ulothrix

B) Ectocarpus

C) Laminaria

D) Oedogonium


10. Compare the algae/algal product with the most appropriate economic importance associated with it. 

p) Coralline algae                             l. Ice cream/Salad cream

q) Cyanophycean members              m. Cosmetics

r) Carragenin                                    n. binding agent on the surface of soil

s) Algin                                             o. liming the soil

A) p-n, q-l, r-m, s-o

B) p-m, q-n, r-o, s-l

C) p-m, q-n, r-l, s-o

D) p-o, q-n, r-m, s-l



1. C) Ulva 

2. B) Laminarin

3.C) Alexandrium 

4. A) Brown algae 

5. A) Ascorbic acid 

6. C) Phaeophyta 

7. A)Arthrospira 

8. A) Gelidium


10.  D) p-o, q-n, r-m, s-l

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