Multiple Choice Questions on Economic Botany - Botanical Name

1. Jute is

Jute is- Multiple Choice Questions on Economic Botany - Botanical Name

A) Corchorus capsularis B) Crotalaria juncea C) Ceiba pentadra D) Calamus rotundus

2. Rose wood belongs to the family

A) Leguminosae  B) Verbenaceae C) Liliaceae D) Cruciferae

3. Which one of the following trees yield gum

A) Pinus B) Acacia C) Eucalyptus D) Phyllanthus

4. ‘Senna’ is obtained from the plant

A) Cassia fistula

B) Cassia alata

C) Cassia angustifolia 

D) Cassia tora

5. Botanical name of finger millet is

A) Poinsettum americanum 
B) Paspalum scorbiculatum

C) Setaria italica 
 D) Eleucine coracana

6. Which one of the following is the botanical name of oil palm?

A) Olea europea
B) Carthamus tinctorius

C) Elaeis guineensis 
D) Cocos nucifera

7.Which of these plants yield an anticancer drug ?

A)Thuja plicata

B)Podocarpus wallichianus

C)Taxus brevifolia

D)Juniperus bermudiana

8. The botanical name for ‘All spice’ is

A) Pimenta dioica
B) Amaranthus cruentus

C) Aloe vera
D) Brassica campestris

9. Vincristine and vinblastine are

A) Phenolics
B) Terpenoids

C) Alkaloids
D) Saponins

10. The rubber obtained from Manihot glaziovii is called

A) Para rubber
B) Panama rubber

C) Ceara rubber
D) India rubber

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1. A) Corchorus capsularis

2. A) Leguminosae 

3. B) Acacia

4. C) Cassia angustifolia 

5. D) Eleucine coracana

6. C) Elaeis guineensis 

7. C)Taxus brevifolia

8. A) Pimenta dioica

9. C) Alkaloids

10. C) Ceara rubber

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