MCQ on Funaria and Anthoceros | Bryophytes MCQ

1. Protonema in the life cycle of Funaria is
A) Diploid 

B) Haploid
C) Dihaploid 

D) Merodiploid


2. Pseudo-elaters are present in:
A) Anthoceros 

B) Andreaea 

C) Funaria 

D) Riccia


3. The spore dispersal mechanism of Funaria?

A) Pseudo elaters 

B) elaters
C) Peristomial teeth 

D) No special mechanism


4. The presence of pyrenoid in the middle of the chloroplast in a bryophyte, a unique feature, makes it apparently resemble with algae is seen in

A) Funaria 

B) Riccia

C) Anthoceros 

D) Porella

MCQ on Funaria and Anthoceros Bryophytes MCQ

5. Spore dispersal in moss is made possible by
A) Columella 
B) Operculum
C) Peristome teeth 
D) None of these

6. In Anthoceros the sporogenous tissue is derived from 

A) amphithecium tissue

B) endothecium tissue

C) gametophytic tissue

D) columella tissue


7. Which of the following can produce an embryo during sexual reproduction?
A) Cyathus 

B) Funaria
C) Cladophora 

D) Peziza

8. The sporophyte contains pseudoelators in

A) Riccia 

B) Marchantia

C) Anthoceros 

D) Funaria


9. The conducting tissues do not consist Xylem and Phloem tissues in

A) Pinus

 B) Cycas

C) Brassica 

D) Funaria


10. In the Funaria capsule, the peristome consist of

A) 16 teeth 

B) 32 teeth

C) 64 teeth 

D) 128 teeth


11. Protonema is found in

A) Riccia 

B) Anthoceros

C) Marchantia 

D) Funaria


12. Cyanobacteria form a variety of associations with bryophytes ranging from the almost accidental to close symbioses. Name the bryophyte that possesses this property

A) Marchantia 

B) Anthoceros

C) Porella 

D) Polytrichum


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1.B) Haploid

2. A) Anthoceros 

3. C) Peristomial teeth 

4. C) Anthoceros 

5.C) Peristome teeth

6. B) endothecium tissue

7. B) Funaria

8.C) Anthoceros 

9. D) Funaria

10.B) 32 teeth

11.D) Funaria

12.B) Anthoceros

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