MCQ on Genetics - Exam Questions

1. Smallest genome size is seen in

Carsonella ruddii genome

a) E.coli b) Helicobacter pylori c) Carsonella ruddii  d) Saccharomyces cerevisiae

2. Which human chromosome has the highest number of genes?

a) X chromosome  b) Chromosome 1  c) Y chromosome  d) Chromosome 8

3.The haploid chromosome number of Rice is

 a)10 b)11 c)12 d)13      

4. Covid 19 genome is 

a) Single stranded RNA 

b) Double stranded RNA 

c) Single stranded DNA  

d) Double stranded DNA

5. Mendel, after his experiments with the garden pea, continued his experiments with: 

a) Drosophila and Neurospora 

b) Honey bee and Neurospora 

c) Heiracium and honey bee 

d) Drosophila and honey bee  

 6. Albinism is a congenital human disorder resulting from the lack of the enzyme

a) Catalase

b) Fructokinase

c) Tyrosinase

d) Xanthine oxidase

7. The starting t-RNA of prokaryotes is loaded with

a) Valine

b) Methionine

c) Formylated Methionine

d) Tryptophan

8. Gene-battery model" of gene regulation in eukaryotes is proposed by

a) Jacob and Monod

b) Britten and Davidson

c) Beadle and Tatum

d) Kornberg and Ochoa

9. The enzyme that removes the RNA-primer after DNA replication is

a) DNA polymerase-I

b) DNA polymerase-II

c) Ligase

d) Gyrase

10. DNA replication occurs in

a)𝐺1 phase

b)𝐺2 phase


d) Interphase      

11. A nucleosome is made of

a) DNA

b) Histone

c) Histone wrapped over octameric core of nucleic acid

d) DNA wrapped over octameric core of histone 

12. Degeneration of genetic code is attributed to the

a) First member of codon

b) Second member of codon

c) Entire codon

d)Third member of codon

13. In split genes, the coding sequences are called





14)Genes which confer antibiotic resistance on bacteria are located on

a)Chromosomal DNA




15. Suggest the number of phenotypes possible in a test cross of AABBCcDD if there is complete dominance 

a) Four 

b) Six 

c) Two 

d) Eight

16. Phenotypic and genotypic F2 ratio remains the same in: 

 a) Intermediate dominance 

b) Co dominance

c) Overdominance

d) Dominant epistasis

17.Which among the following is a codominant marker? 

a) RAPD 

b) AFLP 

c) STMS 

d) AP PCR 

18. In Snapdragon the Red flower colour is incompletely dominant over White with the heterozygous producing Pink flowers. Tall plant is completely dominant over Dwarf. If a cross between two shapdrageons produced Tall Red, Tall Pink, Dwarf Red and Dwarf Pink in the ration 3:3:1:1, predict the genotypes of the parents. 

a) TtRR X TtRr 

b) TTRr X TtRr 

c) Ttrr X TtRr 

d) TTrr X TtRr  

19. Genomic imprinting is

a) Expression of genes depend on its paternal or maternal inheritance

b) Expression of genes linked with X chromosomes

c) Expression of genes linked with Y chromosomes

d) Expression of extrachromosomal genes

20. Genes with intervening sequences

a) Introns 

b) Split genes

c) Exons 

d) Pseudo genes

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1. c) Carsonella ruddii

2. b) Chromosome 1 

3. c)12

4. a) Single stranded RNA 

5. c) Heiracium and honey bee 

6. c) Tyrosinase

7. c) Formylated Methionine

8. b) Britten and Davidson

9. a) DNA polymerase-I

10. c)S-phase

11. d) DNA wrapped over octameric core of histone

12.d)Third member of codon

13. c)Exons


15. c) Two 

16.  a) Intermediate dominance 

17.c) STMS 

18. a) TtRR X TtRr 

19. a) Expression of genes depend on its paternal or maternal inheritance

20. b) Split genes

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