MCQ on Food Technology Exam Questions

 1. Identify the pigment present in beetroot?

a) Anthocyanins

b) Lycopene

c) Betalain

d) Carotenoids


2. Lathyrism is caused due to the consumption of following

a) Lentils 

b) Bengal gram

c) Horse gram 

d) Kesari dhal


3. Identify the process used for fractionation of wheat grain into different primary products?

a) Tempering and Grinding 

b) Plate milling

c) Differential sieving

d) Roller milling

MCQ on Food Technology Exam Questions

4. Isozymes can be defined as

a) Different forms of an enzyme which catalyze the same reaction

b) Set of enzymes catalyzing different reactions

c) Set of enzymes acting on different substrates

d) Different enzymes working in similar conditions


5. MAP stands for

a) Modified Air Packaging

b) Modified Atmosphere Packaging

c) Metal and Aluminium Packaging

d) Moderate Atmosphere Packaging


6. Crystallization of sugar in ice cream can be prevented by

a) Slow freezing

b) Quick freezing

c) Intermittent freezing and thawing

d) Adding emulsifiers


7. The process used for preparation of malt from cereals and legumes is

a) Parboiling 

b) Roasting

c) Controlled germination 

d) Soaking and drying

8. Tofu is prepared from

a) Red Kidney bean 

b) Bengal gram

c) Cow pea 

d) Soya bean


9.  Mold grown in bread can be prevented by using the following

a) Potassium chloride 

b) Ascorbates

c) Propionates 

d) Barbiturates


10. Saurkraut is fermented product of


a) Fruit 

b) Vegetable

c) Cereal

d) Pulse

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1. c) Betalain

2. d) Kesari dhal

3. d) Roller milling

4. a) Different forms of an enzyme which catalyze the same reaction

5. b) Modified Atmosphere Packaging

6. b) Quick freezing

7. c) Controlled germination 

8. d) Soya bean

9. c) Propionates 

10. b) Vegetable

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