Multiple Choice Questions on Plant Breeding

 1. The first artificial plant hybrid was made by

A) Thomas Fairchild

B) De Vries

C) Borlaug

D) M.S.Swaminathan


2. The first man-made cereal ‘Triticale’ has been developed from a cross between

A) Wheat and Oat

B) Wheat and Maize

C) Maize and Rice

D) Wheat and Rye


3. The common bread wheat is called

A) Triticum aestivum

B) Triticum turgidum

C) Triticum monococcum

D) None of these


4. A ‘trisomic’ individual has

A) An extra chromosome

B) One less chromosome

C) Two extra chromosomes

D) One pair of an extra chromosome


5. The common bread wheat is

A) Allotetraploid

B) Allohexaploid

C) Auto tetraploid

D) Diploid


6. Norman Borlaug, the Father of the Green Revolution, revolutionized agriculture by developing new varieties of

A) Wheat B) Rice C) Maize D) Corn

7. The primary Centre of origin of rice is

Multiple Choice Questions  on Plant Breeding

A) Asia minor centre

B) Central Asia centre

C) Hindustan centre

D) Mediterranean centre

8. If the male plant is diploid and the female plant is tetraploid, the endosperm will be

A) Haploid

B) Pentaploid

C) Triploid

D) Tetraploid 

9. In a hexaploid plant 2n=42. The base chromosome number x =

A) 21

B) 7

C) 14

D) 12

10. Colchicine induces polyploidy by

A) Inhibiting cell division

B) Promoting cell division

C) Inhibiting spindle formation

D) Doubling the Chromosome size


11. The quickest method of plant breeding is

a) introduction

b) Selection

c) Hybridisation

d) Mutation Breeding


12. Which one of the following carries dwarf genes with high protein and lysine percentage in wheat.

A) Lerma safed

B) Kalyan

C) Sharbati sonara

D) Sonalika


13. The Hybrid variety cotton was obtained by crossing two different strains of Gossypium hirsutum is

A) Godhavari

B) Varalaxmi

C) Savitri

D) Jayalaxmi


14. BSI is located at

A) Lucknow

B) Mysore

C) Kolkatta

D) Kerala

15. Triticum aestivum is a polyploidy with genomes from

A) Triticum monococum & Aegilopss peltoedus

B) Aegilopss peltoedus & Aegilopsiss quarrosa

C) Aegilopsis squarrosa & Triticum monococum

D) Triticummonococum , Aegilopss peltoedus & Aegilopsiss quarrosa

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1.A) Thomas Fairchild

2. D) Wheat and Rye

3.A) Triticum aestivum

4. A) An extra chromosome

5. B) Allohexaploid

6. A) Wheat

7. C) Hindustan centre

8. B) Pentaploid

9. B) 7

10. C) Inhibiting spindle formation

11. d) Mutation Breeding

12. C) Sharbati sonara

13.A) Godhavari

14.C) Kolkatta

15.D) Triticummonococum , Aegilopss peltoedus & Aegilopsiss quarrosa

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