Botany and Zoology Multiple Choice Questions || Life Sciences MCQ


1. From the following plants, which one is a Dioecious plant?

A) Coconut

B) Cucurbita

C) Date Palm

D) Hibiscus

2. Seeds of certain flowering plants contain perisperm. What is perisperm?

A) Persistent Endosperm

B) Persistent Nucellus

C) Cotyledon

D) Unused Endosperm


3. Ability of a plant cell to generate as a whole plant is known as

A) Totipotency

B) Pleuripotency

C) Biopotency

D) Innate Potency 


4. From the following find out a selectable marker.

A) Eco R1 B) ori C) rop D) amp


5. The process of Elution during electrophoresis is

A) Loading DNA

B) Restriction digestion

C) Staining

D) Separated DNA fragments are cut out from agarose gel and extracted from gel Piece


6. A single stranded DNA or RNA which is tagged with a radioactive molecule used in molecular diagnosis is known as

A) Probe B) Primer C) cDNA D) RNAi 


7. Name the Ecological Interaction between orchid and mango tree.

A) Amensalism B) Mutualism C) Commensalism D) Parasitism


8. Name the ecological pyramid which is always upright.

A) Number pyramid

B) Biomass pyramid

C) Both A) and B)

D) Energy pyramid


9. Function of the nucleolus is

A) Controlling cell activities

B) Biosynthesis of ribosome subunits

C) Motility of cell

D) Formation of basal bodies

10. Terminalisation of Chiasmata occur at which stage of Prophase I?

A) Diplotene B) Diakinesis C) Leptotene D) Zygotene


11. The transmission of HIV infection in human being generally not occurs

A) By sharing infected injection needles

B) From infected mother to her child

C) By drinking water using the same glass

D) By sexual contact with infected person


12. Pseudocoelom is found only in animals belonging to the phylum

A) Cnidaria B) Aschelminthes C) Mollusca D) Echinodermata


13. Which factor is not favourable for the formation of oxyhaemoglobin in human being?

A) high PO2

B) low PCO2

C) high temperature

D) low H ion concentration


14. Name the cells which synthesize and secrete testicular hormones called androgens.

A) Leydig cells

B) Sertoli cells

C) Male germ cells

D) Spermatids


15. ‘Carbohydrates are not digested in the stomach of human being.’ The reason for this is

(i) Pepsin can digest only small amount of carbohydrates.

(ii) There are no carbohydrates in gastric juice.

(iii) Salivary amylase becomes denatured by the HCl in stomach.

A) statement (i) is correct

B) all statements are correct

C) all statements are wrong

D) statements (ii) and (iii) are correct

16. The QRS complex in an ECG of a man represents

A) Ventricular depolarisation

B) Atrial depolarisation

C) Ventricular repolarisation

D) Arial repolarisation


17. Name the chromosomal disorder in which the affected individual expresses Gynaecomastia.

A) Down’s Syndrome

B) Klinefelter’s Syndrome

C) Turner’s Syndrome

D) Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome


18. In a transcription unit of DNA, the strand which acts as a template for RNA synthesis

is known as

A)  Coding strand B) Intron C) Exon D) Template strand


19. An increase blood flow to atria of human heart stimulates the release of Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF) will leads to

(i) Vaso dialation

(ii) Increase GFR

(iii) Increase urine formation

(iv) Decrease blood pressure.

A) Statement (ii) is correct

B) Statements (ii) and (iii) are correct

C) Statement (i) is correct

D) Statements (i) and (iv) are correct


20. One of the following organisms is not included in the phylum Mollusca.

A) Chaetopleura B) Aplysia C) Ophiura D) Loligo


1. C) Date Palm

2. B) Persistent Nucellus

3. A) Totipotency

4. D) amp

5. D) Separated DNA fragments are cut out from agarose gel and extracted from gel piece

6. A) Probe

7. C) Commensalism

8. ) D) Energy pyramid

9. B) Biosynthesis of ribosome subunits

10. B) Diakinesis

11. C) By drinking water using the same glass

12. B) Aschelminthes

13. C) high temperature

14. A) Leydig cells

15. D) statements (ii) and (iii) are correct

16. A) Ventricular depolarisation

17. B) Klinefelter’s Syndrome

18. D) Template strand

19. D) Statements (i) and (iv) are correct

20. C) Ophiura

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