MCQ on Medical Laboratory Technology | Medical MCQ | Technician Assistant | Junior Lab Assistant Questions (26-50)


MCQ on Medical Laboratory Technology  | Medical MCQ  | Technician Assistant |  Junior Lab Assistant Questions (26-50)

26. Esbach’s reagent is

A) Picric acid and citric acid

B) Acetic acid and picric acid

C) Acetic acid and citric acid

D) None of the above

27. Ketonuria is seen in

A) Diabetes Mellitus B) Alkalosis

C) Von Gierke’s disease D) All the above

28. HbA1C level reveals the mean glucose level over a period of

A) Previous 12-14 weeks B) Previous 8-10 weeks

C) Previous 2-3 weeks D) Previous 5-10 days

29. Renal threshold of glucose is

A) 120 mg% B) 80 mg% C) 180 mg% D) 140 mg%

30. Multiple myeloma patient shows

A) Haemoglobinuria B) Alkaptonuria

C) Myoglobinuria D) Bence – Jones proteinuria

31. Reference value of creatinine clearance in female is

A) 120-160 ml/minute B) 80-115 ml/minute

C) 75 ml/minute D) 15-40 ml/minute

32. Tumour marker of ovarian cancer is

A) T24 B) CEA

C) CA 19.9 D) CA 125

33. Enzyme that shows marked increase in obstructive liver disease is

A) Alkaline phosphatase B) Creatine kinase

C) Lactate dehydrogenase D) Alanine amino transferase
34. Non-enzymatic addition of any sugar to protein is called

A) Glycosylation B) Glycogenation

C) Glycation D) Glycolysis

35. Test to the assess excretory function of liver is related to

A) Cardiac Green Test B) PSP Test

C) SGOT Estimation D) Serum Bilirubin

36. Dry chemistry system, the reaction is measured by

A) Flow cytometry

B) Emission spectroscopy

C) Reflectance spectrophotometry

D) Nephalometry

37. Leibermann-Burchard reaction is related to

A) Sugar B) Albumin

C) Creatinine D) Cholesterol

38. Conn’s syndrome is

A) Hyper aldosteronism B) Hyper thyroidism

C) Hypo thyroidism D) Hypo pituitarism

39. Chinese letter pattern is a characteristic feature of

A) Vibrios B) Corynebacteria

C) Spirilla D) Streptococci

40. Holding period of hot air oven is

A) 120°C for 15 minutes B) 72°C for 15-20 seconds

C) 160°C for 1 hour D) 160°C for 15 minutes

41. An example of indicator culture medium is

A) Stuart’s medium B) McLeod’s medium

C) RCM D) VR medium

42. Reagent for oxidase reaction of bacteria is

A) P-dimethyl amino benzaldehyde

B) Nessler’s reagent

C) alpha-naphthol in ethanol

D) Tetra methyl p-phenylene diamine hydrochloride

43. Acid fastness of bacteria is due to the presence of

A) Mycolic acid B) Flagellin

C) Carboxylic acid D) Slime layer

44. The parasite of benign tertian malaria is

A) P. ovale B) P. vivax

C) P. falciparum D) P. malariae

45. In P. malariae infection, infected RBC shows

A) Jame’s dots B) Maurer’s dots

C) Ziemann’s dots D) Schuffner’s dots

46. An example of clearing agent used for tissue processing in histopathology laboratory is

A) Cedar wood oil B) Ethanol

C) Paraffin wax D) Isopropyl alcohol

47. Cold acetone is an example of

A) Nuclear fixative B) Vapour fixative

C) Histochemical fixative D) Cytoplasmic fixative

48. __________ is used as preservative in Mayer’s haematoxylin stain.

A) Sodium azide B) Sodium iodate

C) Glycerol D) Chloral hydrate

49. Stain used for hormonal evaluation in cytology is

A) Cresyl violet B) Shorr’s stain

C) Acetic orcein D) H and E stain

50. Routinely used cytological fixative is

A) Carbowax

B) Carnoy’s fixative

C) 10% formalin

D) 95% ethanol-ether mixture


26. A) Picric acid and citric acid

27. D) All the above

28. B) Previous 8-10 weeks

29. C) 180 mg%

30. D) Bence – Jones proteinuria

31. B) 80-115 ml/minute

32. D) CA 125

33. A) Alkaline phosphatase

34. C) Glycation

35. A) Cardiac Green Test

36. C) Reflectance spectrophotometry

37. D) Cholesterol

38. A) Hyper aldosteronism

39. B) Corynebacteria

40. C) 160°C for 1 hour

41. B) McLeod’s medium

42. B) Nessler’s reagent

43. A) Mycolic acid

44. B) P. vivax

45. B) Maurer’s dots

46. A) Cedar wood oil

47. C) Histochemical fixative

48. D) Chloral hydrate

49. B) Shorr’s stain

50. D) 95% ethanol-ether mixture

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