MCQ on Mineral Nutrition

1. A system of growing plants with their roots supplied with moisture in the air

A) Hydroponics 

B) Aeroponics

C) Bionomics 

D) Geonomics

2. Deficiency of which of these leads to interveinal chlorosis

A) Magnesium 

B) Calcium

C) Cobalt 

D) Nitrogen

MCQ on Mineral Nutrition

3. Little leaf disease is due to the deficiency of

A) Nitrogen 

B) Sodium

C) Zinc 

D) Manganese

4. The equilibrium attained between the electric potential and concentration gradient in a closed system with two compartments separated by a semi-permeable membrane

A) Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

B) Donnan equilibrium

C) Maxwell-Boltzmann equilibrium

D) Michaelis-Menten equilibrium

5. Which is essential for the growth of root tip?

A) Zn

B) Fe

C) Ca

D) Mn

6. Mineral associated with cyctochrome is 

A) Cu

B) Mg

C) Cu and Mg

D) Fe

7.Passive absorption of minerala depends on 

A) Temperature

B) Humdity

C) Metabolic inhibitor

D) Temperature and Metabolic inhibitor 

8.Which one of the following elements is almost non essental for plants?

A) Zn

B) Na

C) Ca

D) Mo

9. Plant take zinc in the form of 

A) ZnSo4

B) ZnO

C) Zn++

D) Zn

10. Which of the following elemnts is reponsible maintaining turgor in cells?/

A) Magnesium

B) Sodium

C) Potassium

D) Calcium


1. B) Aeroponics

2. A) Magnesium 

3. C) Zinc 

4. B) Donnan equilibrium

5. C) Ca

6. D) Fe

7. A) Temperature

8. B) Na

9. C) Zn++

10. C) Potassium

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