MCQ on Secondary metabolites || Plant Biotechnology

1.Which of the following is true about function of alkaloids?

i. Reserpine which lowers blood pressure

ii. Cocaine is an anaesthetic

iii. Vincristine is cytotoxic agents

iv. Anthocyanins play an important role in insect mimicry

A:-i, iii, iv

B:-ii, iii, iv

C:-i, ii, iii

D:-i, ii, iv

2. Match the following:

A:-i-4, ii-3, iii-2, iv-1

B:-i-3, ii-4, iii-2, iv-1

C:-i-1, ii-3, iii-4, iv-2

D:-i-2, ii-4, iii-1, iv-3

3. Select the group consisting of compounds belonging to alkaloid class

A:-Quinine, papaverine, nicotine, cocaine

B:-Quercetin, papaverine, nicotine, cocaine

C:-Quinine, chrysin, papaverine, quercetin

D:-Quercetin, chrysin, nicotine, cocaine

4. Which of the following does not belong to the class of phenolic compound?

A:-Caffeic acid

B:-Vanillic acid

C:-Coumaric acid


5. From which among the following is etoposide derived from?





6. Choose the set of secondary metabolites.

A:-Glucose, Resveratrol, Lignans

B:-Camptothecin, Codeine, Valine

C:-Malaxin, quercetin, Napthoquinones

D:-Malaxin, Codeine, Chlorophyll

7. ___________ is the secondary metabolite obtained from 'tree of joy'.





8. The techniques that help to determine functional group present in isolated secondary metabolite of a plant is

A:-IR Spectroscopy

B:-Mass Spectroscopy

C:-UV-Visible Spectroscopy

D:-None of the above

9. Choose the correct test to detect the presence of glycosides in plant extract.

A:-Keller Killiani test

B:-Mayers test

C:-Wagners test

D:-Salkowski's test

10. On shaking plant extract with acidified chloroform and allowing to stand, yellow colour appears in lower layer. Presence of which phytochemical is indicated by this test?





11. To which class of terpenoids does citral belongs ?        

 A:-acyclic monoterpenoids         

B:-cyclic diterpenoids         

C:-acyclic diterpenoids         

D:-none of these         


1. C:-i, ii, iii

2. A:-i-4, ii-3, iii-2, iv-1

3. A:-Quinine, papaverine, nicotine, cocaine

4. D:-Caffein

5. B:-Podophyllotoxin

6. C:-Malaxin, quercetin, Napthoquinones

7. B:-Camptothecin

8. A:-IR Spectroscopy

9. A:-Keller Killiani test

10. C:-Triterpenoids

11.  A:-acyclic monoterpenoids    

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