MCQ on Microscopy Technique - Electron microscope

 1. The movement of a single cell was required to be continuously monitored during development. This cell was marked with reporter gene. To visualize this movement one would use: 

a) phase contrast microscope 

b) bright field microscope 

c) atomic force microscope 

d) fluorescence microscope

2. Which one of the following microscopic techniques can be used to study the contour of proteins ?

a) TEM 

b) SEM

c) Confocal Microscopy

d) AFM

3. Give the types of electron source for transmission electron microscope, operating on different physical principles.

a) field emission

b) thermionic emission

c) schottky emission

d) all of the above 

4.Electron microscope can provide magnification upto:




d) 4,00,000X

5.  The dye which is commonly used as a fixative in an electron microscope 

 a)Ethidium Bromide 

b)Acridine Orange

c)Osmium tetroxide

d) Safranin

6. Match the following 

A) P-I, Q-II, R-III, S- V

B) P-II, Q-IV, R-III, S- V

C) P-II, Q-I, R-III, S- V


7. Choose the incorrect statement.

A) SEM provides 3D image, TEM provides 2D image

B) Magnification caused by TEM is higher than that of SEM

C) In SEM, sections of sample is coated with a thin layer of a heavy metal such as gold

D) SEM has higher resolution than TEM

8. Which of the following is true for achromat objective lenses in a microscope?

(i) They are cheapest objective lens

(ii) They are corrected for spherical aberrations with green light

(iii) They are best used when the light source utilizes a green filter and images are collected in grayscale

(iv) They are spherically corrected for three wavelengths

A) (i), (ii), (iv)

B) (i), (iii), (iv)

C) (ii), (iii), (iv)

D) (i), (ii), (iii)


1. d) fluorescence microscope

2. d) AFM

3. d) all of the above 

4. d) 4,00,000X

5. c)Osmium tetroxide

6. D)P-III, Q-I, R-III, S-V 

7. D) SEM has higher resolution than TEM

8. D) (i), (ii), (iii)

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