MCQ on MicroTechniques | Staining

 1. Which staining method is used to identify DNA in specimens? 

A) Volutin staining

B) Feulgen staining

C) Negative staining

D) Both A and C

2. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is an example for the---

A) Alcohol fast 

B) Acid fast

C) Alcohol and acid fast 

D) None of the above

3. Feulgen staining of DNA is based on the reaction of Schiffs reagent with

A) Free aldehyde group of pentose sugar

B) Purines at N-7 position

C) Pyrimidines at N-1 position

D) Phosphate moiety of nucleotide

4. Osmium tetra oxide is used in electron microscopy as a

A) Fixing agent 

B) Mordant

C) Staining agent

D) Precipitator

5. Systematic essential steps are noticed in the preparation of paraffin sections before staining has begun. Select the correct sequence for paraffin embedded sections preparation
A) Fixation -Clearing – Dehydration –Infiltration – Embedding -Sectioning
B) Fixation – Dehydration-Infiltration –Clearing – Embedding -Sectioning
C) Fixation – Dehydration –Clearing –Infiltration – Embedding -Sectioning
D) Fixation – Dehydration –Clearing- Embedding –Infiltration –Sectioning

6. Which among the following is a neutral stain?

A) Janus Green

B) Methyl Green

C) Borax Carmine

D) Leishman's stain

7. Janus green B is used to stain

A) Chloroplast 

B) Golgi complex

C) Vacuoles 

D) Mitochondria

8. Sudan Black B is often used for visualization of

A) Protein 

B) Carbohydrates

C) Aminoacids 

D) Lipids

9. Which of the following is not a natural dye?

A) Brazilin 

B) Hematoxylin

C) Colchineal 

D) Aniline blue

10.  ------is an azodye

A) Safranin 

B) Haematoxylin

C) Aniline blue 

D) Orange G


1. B) Feulgen staining

2. C) Alcohol and acid fast 

3. A) Free aldehyde group of pentose sugar

4. C) Staining agent

5. C) Fixation – Dehydration –Clearing –Infiltration – Embedding -Sectioning

6. D) Leishman's stain

7. D) Mitochondria

8. D) Lipids

9. D) Aniline blue

10. C) Aniline blue 

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