MCQ on Protein Synthesis | Transcription and Translation Multiple Choice

1. Transcription is specifically regulated by regulatory proteins of unique motifs -

A) Helix-turn Helix 

B) Zinc finger

C) Leucine Zipper 

D) All the above

2. Disease(s) caused by perturbation of protein conformation

A) Prion diseases only 

B) Alzheimer’sdisease only

C) Both A&B 

D) None of these

3. Choose the statements which is/are correct about protein glycosylation:

1) The N-linked glycosylation begins in the ER and continues in the Golgi-complex

2) The N-linked glycosylation takes place exclusively in the Golgi-complex

3) The O-linked glycosylation begins in the ER and continues in the Golgi-complex

4) The O-linked glycosylation takes place exclusively in the Golgi-complex

A) 1 only 

B) 2 & 3 

C) 4 only 

D) 1 & 4

4. What characteristic domain is found in eukaryotic proteins that enable them to 
enter the endoplasmic reticulum?

A) Stop transfer domain 

B) Signal sequence

C) Signal sequence receptor 

D) Signal recognition protein

5. The event leading to post translational modification

A) Hydroxylation 

B) Glycosylation

C) Phosphorylation 

D) All of these

6. Prokaryotes contain one RNA polymerase. How many are there in eukaryotes?

A) 1 B) 3 C) 2 D) 49

7. The first step of proof reading during protein synthesis is carried out by?

A) Ribosomes

B) aminoacyl t-RNA synthetase

C) m-RNA

D) t-RNA

8. During translation phase of protein synthesis, process of initiation, elongation and termination involve

A) Protein factors and AMP 

B) Protein factors and CAMP

C) Protein factors and GTP 

D) Glycoxylation.

 9. Find the incorrect match:

 A) Shine Delgarno and Kozak 

B) RBS and Kozak 

C) Promoter and TATA box 

D) Promoter and Shine Delgarno

Learn more: 

1. D) All the above
2. C) Both A&B 
3. D) 1 & 4
4. B) Signal sequence
5. D) All of these
6. B) 3
7. B) aminoacyl t-RNA synthetase
8. C) Protein factors and GTP
9. D) Promoter and Shine Delgarno

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