Multiple Choice Questions on Vitamins

21.  Megaloblastic anaemia is caused due to the deficiency of which among the following vitamin ?

a) Cyanocobalamin
b) Thiamine

c) Ascorbic acid
d) Folic acid

22. First artificially synthesized Vitamin

a) Vitamin A

b) Vitamin B

c)Vitamin C

d)Vitamin D

23. The feeding of avidin may result in a deficiency of

a) Riboflavin

b) Vitamin B12

c) Vitamin A 

d) Biotin

24. Cod liver oil obtained from fish is rich in:

a) Vitamin A and D

b) Vitamin B12

c)Vitamin C

d)Vitamin B and C

25. The Chemical name of Vitamin H

 a) Ascorbic acid

b) Cobalamin

c) Pyridoxine

d)  Biotin

26. Synthesis of Vitamin A in the body takes place in

a) Pancreas

b) Liver

c) Spleen

d) None of these

27. Vitamins that plays a role in blood clotting, bone metabolism and regulating blood calcium levels?

a) Vitamin A

b) Vitamin B

c)Vitamin E

d)Vitamin K

28. Which vitamin gets destroyed in heating

a) Vitamin A

b) Vitamin C

c)Vitamin E

d)Vitamin H

29.  Which of the following is not related to ‘Vitamin B complex’ group?

a) Folic acid

b) Biotin

c) Calciferol

d) all of these

30.  Vitamin C was the first vitamin to be produced by fermentation process using

a) Pencillium

b) Acetobacter

c) Yeast

d) E.coli

21. d) Folic acid
22. c)Vitamin C
23. d) Biotin
24. a) Vitamin A and D
25. d)  Biotin
26. b) Liver
27. d)Vitamin K
28. b) Vitamin C
29. c) Calciferol
30.b) Acetobacter

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