MCQ on Angiosperms Flower

1. A characteristic of angiosperm is
a) root
b) seed
c) flower
d) all of the above
2. A flower with essential and non-essential whorls
a) incomplete
b) irregular
c) sessile
d) complete
3. A bisexual flowers which never open in its life span is called
a) homogamous
b) heterogamous
c) polygamous
d) cleistogamous
4. Which of the following is not a single flower
a) China rose
b) Petunia
c) Sun flower
d) holy hope
5. Plants which flower only once in their life is
a) Polycarpic
b) monocarpic
c) cleistocarpic
d) pericarpic
6. Third whorl in flower is of
a) petal
b) sepal
c) stamen
d) pistil
7. Flower is a modified shoot because
a) in some flowers thalamus become elongated and shows distinct nodes and internodes
b) flowers aggregate to form inflorescence
c) epicalyx is present in some flowers
d) essential organs are present in some flowers
8. In monoecious plants

Monoecious plants
a) male and female parts are borne by the same plant but not by the same flower
b) male and female parts are borne by the same flower
c) male and female  parts are borne by the different plant
d) none of the above
9. A flower is said to be complete when it has

Complete Flower
a) corolla
b) androecium and gynoecium
c) calyx and corolla only
d) all the four whorls
10. The perianth is the term used when
a) androecium and gynoecium are similar
b) calyx and corolla are similar
c) androecium and calyx are similar
d) gynoecium and corolla are similar
11. A flower is brightly coloured, scented and secrete nectar. It is most probably
a) pollinated by insects
b) sterile
c) pollinated by wind
d) an insectivorous plant
12. Protandry is the situation when
a) anthers and stigma mature at the same time
b) anthers mature later than the stigma of the same flower
c) anthers mature earlier than the stigma of the same flower
d) anthers of the flower pollinate the stigma of the same flower
13. In a bisexual flowers when the gynoecium matures earlier than the androecium it is called
a) protogyny
b) Protandry
c) autogamy
d) heterogamy
14. In which of the following plants do the male and female flowers occur in the same individual
a) pumpkin
b) gram
c) rose
d) hibiscus
15. In a flower, when the ovary is situated on the torus above all other floral whorls, the flower is said to be
a) perigynous
b) epigynous
c) inferior
d) hypogynous
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