MCQ on Angiosperms Fruits

1.  Which of the following constituents the best definition of a fruit?

A fruit is
a) A product of the flower
b) A product of ovary
c)  Post fertilization product of pistil
d) A body that contains seed

2. A fruit which develops from a condensed inflorescence is called
a)  A simple fruit
b) An eaterio of fruit
c) An aggaregate fruit
d)  A composite fruit

3. Multiple fruits are those which are produced by
a)  Several ripened ovaries of a single flower
b) Several ripened ovaries of several flowers of an inflorescence
c) Part other than ovary
d) Fusion of calyx with ovary

4. Drupe is recognized by
a) Fleshy seed coat
b) Stony endocarp
c) Thin seed coat
d)  Stony mesocarp

5. The edible portion of mango is
a) Endocarp
b) Mesocarp
c) Epicarp
d) Pericarp

6.  The edible portion of coconut is 


a) Endosperm
c) Seed coat
d) Pericarp

7. A simple one seeded fruit with pericarp fused with the seed coat is known as
a) Caryopsis
b) Achene
c) Nut
d) Cypsela

8. In pomegranate the edible part is
a) Juice epicarp
b) Mesocarp
c) Juice hairs
d)  Juice testa

9. Aggregate fruit is defined as the one which develops from
a) Multicarpellary apocarpus gynoecium
b) Multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium
c) Multicarpellary superior ovary
d) Complete inflorescence

10. Lotus fruit is
a)  Capsule
b) Berry
c) Etaerio of berries
d) Etaerio of achenes

11. Betelnut is
a) Drupe
b) Berry
c)  Nut
d) Caryopsis

12. A fruit developed from a spikate inflorescence is called
a) Syconium
c) Elaterio of achenes
d) Elaterio of berries

13.  A fruit which is monocarpellary, superior and dehisces by one suture only is
a)  Legume
b) Regma
c) Follicle
d) Siliqua

14. A fruit which develops from a condensed inflorescence is called
a) A simple fruit
b) An etaerio of fruit
c) An aggregrate fruit
d)  A composite fruit

15. The fruit of gramineae is
a)  Caruncle
c) Achene
d) Nut

1- b
2- d
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