Multiple Choice Questions on Amphibians (Class Amphibia) | Animal Kingdom MCQ

1 . In amphibians
a) Skin is respiratory
b) Exoskeleton is absent
c) Both a and b
d) None of these
Glass frog |(Class Amphibia)

2. Amphibian posses
a) Renal portal system
b) Hepatic portal system
c) Hypophyseal portal system
d) all of these

3.  Persistence of larva traits is known as
a) neogenesis
b) Paedogenesis
c) Parthenogenesis
d) Pedomorphosis

4.  Axolotl is the name of larva of
a) Ambystoma
b) Roundworm
c)  Silkworm

5. Axolotl larva posses
a) External gills
b) Caudal fin
c) Laterally compressed tail
d) all of these

6.  Flying frog is
Flying frog

a) Hyla
b) Pipa
c)  Bufo         
d) Rhacophorus

7. Neotany is found in larva of
a) Rana
b) Salamandra
c) Ichthyophis
d) Necturus

8. Organ of Jacobson in amphibians is for
a) Sound
b) Smell
c) Pressure
d) temperatue

9. Croaking of frog is
a) Danger cell
b) Hunger cell
c) Sex call for female
d)  None of these

10. A frog with body temperature of 200C is transferred to an area with 30 oC temperature. What will be the body temperature of frog in the new environment?
a) 200C
b) 30 oC
c) 25 oC
d) Fluctuates between 200C -30 oC

1. c) Both a and b
2. d) all of these
3. d) Pedomorphosis
4. a) Ambystoma
5. d) all of these
6. d) Rhacophorus
7. b) Salamandra
8. b) Smell
9. c) Sex call for female
10.b) 30 oC
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