Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

MCQ on Animal Physiology - Excretion

1. Uric acid is the chief nitrogenous wastes in
a) frog
b) Birds
c) Fishes
d) Man

2. In Cockroach, excretion is performed by
a) Renette cells
b) Flame cells
c) Nephridia
d) Malpighian tubules

3. Guano refers to
a) Ureotetlic flightless bird
b) Bird droppings rich in guanine
c)  Extinct species of bird
d) Uric acid

4. The excretory organs of annelids
a)  Nephridia
b) Flame cells
c) Malpighian cells
d)  Green glands

5. The following is the ammonotelic animal
a) Whales
b) Seals
c) Lizard
d) Salamander

6.  Flame cells are excretory organs of
a)  Prawn
b) Tape worm
c) Insects
d) Birds

7. Ammonia is the chief nitrogen waste in
a) Cartilaginous fishes
b) Bony fishes
c)  Semi aquatic reptiles
d) None of these

8.  Ammonia produced during protein catabolism is converted to uric acid in the liver of
a)  ureotelic animals
b) ammonotelic animals
c) uricotelic animals
d) ornithinotelic animals

9. Which one is the excretory organ among the following?
a) archeocyte
b) choanocyte
c)  solenocyte
d) pinacocyte

10. In urecotelic animals, urea are removed by

a) kreb’s cycle
b) cori cycle
c) Ornithine cycle
d) cori cycle

   1.       b) Birds
2.       d) Malpighian tubules
3.       b) Bird droppings rich in guanine
4.       a)  Nephridia
5.       d) Salamander
6.       b) Tape worm
7.       b) Bony fishes
8.       c) uricotelic animals
9.       c)  solenocyte
10.   c) Ornithine cycle

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