Multiple Choice Questions on Biotechnology

1. The work on GFP, widely used as a reporter gene, won the Nobel Prize in:
a) Medicine/Physiology-2000
b) Chemistry-2008
c) Physics-2008
d) Biochemistry-2007

2. The method of plasmid isolation by alkaline lysis was published by

a) Mandel and Higa
b) Sharp and Lederberg
c) Temin and Baltimore
d) Birnboim and Doly

3. Alec Jeffery’s name is associated with

a) DNA sequencing
b) DNA Fingerprinting
c) RNA sequencing
d) Site directed mutagenesis

4. The name Kary Mullis is associated with

b) PCR
c) Chain Termination reaction

5. The group associated with first man made recombinant DNA molecules:

a) Daniel Nathans, Arber, Kary Mullis
b) Paul Berg, Annie Chang, Boyer, Stanley Cohen
c) Howard Temin, Sydney Brenner, Philip Sharp
d) Tim Hunt, Paul Nurse, Leyland Hartwell

6. The 2006, Nobel Prize for RNA interference phenomenon was won for the work carried out on:

a) D melanogaster
b) A thalliana
c) C. elegans
d) S pombe

7. GFP protein was originally isolated from

 GFP -Aequoria victoria
a) Arabidopsis thaliana
b) Aequoria victoria
c) C elegans
d) Drosophila melanogaster

8. The first crop plant genome sequenced
a) Maize
b) Wheat
c) Rice
d) Barley

9. The first transgenic plant to be produced

a) Rice
c) Cotton
d) Tobacco

10.The year of launching of Human Genome Project and completion of rough draft of the sequence was in

a) 1992-2000
b) 1990-2000
c) 1990-2001
d) 1991-2001
Learn more: 
1. b) Chemistry-2008
2. d) Birnboim and Doly
3. b) DNA Fingerprinting
4. b) PCR
5. b) Paul Berg, Annie Chang, Boyer, Stanley Cohen
6. c) C. elegans
7. b) Aequoria victoria
8. c) Rice
9. d) Tobacco
10. b) 1990-2000


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  1. the first transgenic plant is tobacco. you have written cotton!!!

  2. Thank you Mashab. You are right corrected accordingly

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