Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

11) A protein is poorly expressed in a diseased tissue. To determine whether the defect is at the level of transcription or translation, which of the following blotting techniques would you use?
a) Southern and Western
b) Southern and Northern
c) Northern and Western
d) Western and South –Western

12) The polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
a) is used to transcribe specific genes
b) amplifies specific DNA sequences
c) uses a DNA polymerase that denatures at 55 0 C
d) is a method for sequencing DNA

Steps involved in PCR

13) Genome wise gene expression analysis is performed using
a) DNA microarrays
b) Northern analysis
c) Real time PCR

14) Triton X-100 is a surfactant that forms micellar structure in aqueous solutions. One can form reverse micelles of the surfactants easily by
a) Addition of salts
b) Making the pH acidic from alkaline
c) Addition of heavy metal ions
d) Addition of non polar solvents

15) SDS is used in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of a mixture of proteins for their efficient separation on the gel. SDS, in this experiment, is used to
a) Solubilise the protein
b) Stabilize the protein
c) decrease the surface tension of buffer
d) have uniform charge density on the proteins

16) Exchange of Germplasm is carried out preferably through shoot tip culture because they are
a) Virus free
b) Germplasm is present at shoot tip only
c) Shoot tip is disease free
d) All of these

17) Which of the following is the best method to determine bacteriophages concentration in a sample?
a) Spectrophotometry
b) Plaque assay
c) Copy assay number
c) Light microscopy

18) Insertional inactivation of a gene helps in
a) Identification of recombinant clones
b) Identification of deletion mutants
c) Identification of suppression mutants
d)elimination of recombinant clones

19) Electroporation facilitates introduction of foreign DNA into the target organism by
a) Changing the porosity of the cell wall
b) Changing the electric potential of the cell wall
c) Lysis of the cell wall
d) Active transport across the cell wall

20) A method for transferring protein to a nitrocellulose filter on which protein can be detected by a suitable probe is:
a) Southern blotting
b) Northern Blotting
c) Western blotting
d) None of these
Learn more:
11. d) Western and South -Western
12. b) amplifies specific DNA sequences
13. a) DNA microarrays
14. d) Addition of non polar solvents
15. d) have uniform charge density on the proteins
16. a) Virus free
17. b) Plaque assay
18. a) Identification of recombinant clones
19. a) Changing the porosity of the cell wall
20. c) Western blotting 

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