Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Wild Life and Conservation

16. What is the animal symbol of W. W. F (World Wildlife Fund) ?
World Wildlife Fund Giant Panda
a) Red Panda
b) Giant Panda
c) Tiger
d) Kangaroo
17. The most important human activity, leading to the extinction of wildlife, is
a) Pollution of wildlife, is
b) Hunting for valuable wildlife products
c) Introduction of alien species
d) Alternation and destruction of the natural habitats
18. If we uncover half of the forest, covering of the earth, what crisis will be produced at most and at first?
a) Some species will be extincted
b) Population and ecological imbalance will rise up
c) Energy crisis will occur
d) Rest half forests will maintain this imbalance
19. When is the World Wildlife week ?
a) First week of September
b) Last week of September
c) First week of October
d) Last week of October
20. Red Data Book Provides data on
a) Red flowered plants
b) Red colored fishes
c) Lists of plants and animals
d) Endangered plants and animals
21. Wild life is continuously decreasing. What is the main reason of this?
a) Predation
b) Cutting down of forest
c) Destruction of habitat
d) Hunting
22. What is the major cause of diminishing wildlife number?
a) Felling of trees
b) Cannibalism
c) Habitat destruction
d) Paucity of drinking water
23. Viable material of endangered species can be preserved by
a) Gene bank
b) Gene library
c) Gene pool
d) Herbarium
24. Which group of vertebrates comprises the highest number of endangered species?
a) Mammals
b) Fishes
c) Birds
d) Reptiles
25.  Which of the following is mainly responsible for the extinction of wild life
a) Pollution of air and water
b) Hunting of flesh
c) Destruction of Habitats
d) All of these
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16. b) Giant Panda
17. d) Alternation and destruction of the natural habitats
18. a) Some species will be extincted
19. c) First week of October
20. d) Endangered plants and animals
21. c) Destruction of habitat
22. c) Habitat destruction
23. a) Gene bank
24.  a) Mammals
25. d) All of these

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