Multiple Choice Questions on Deficiency Diseases

1. Reduced number and size of RBCs and decreased amount of haemoglobin is a characteristic of
Hypochromic red blood cells may be seen in microcytic anaemia
a) Pernicious anaemia
b) Megaloblastic anaemia
c) microcytic anaemia
d) all of these

2. Bleeding disease is due to the deficiency of
a) Vitamin A
b) Vitamin D
c) Vitamin E
d) Vitamin K

3. All are nutritional disorders associated with over nutrition except
a) hypervitaminosis
b) obesity
c) fluorosis
d) Osteomalacia

4. Vitamin D deficiency is the reason for
a) Rickets
b) Anaemia
c) Pellagra
d) Goitre

5. Enlargement of thyroid gland is due to the deficiency of
a) Vitamin A
b) Pottasium
c) Iodine
d) Vitamin D
6. All are vitamin deficiency diseases except
a) Marasmus
b) Rickets
c) Scurvy
d) Cheilosis

7. Fluorosis is due to
a) deficiency of fluorine
b) excess of fluorine
c) deficiency of calcium and fluorine
d) none of these

8. Cyanocobalamine deficiency is the reason of
a) Pernicious anaemia
b) Microcytic anaemia
c) macrocytic anemia
d) Pellagra

9. The condition of inflammation and cracking of skin at corners of mouth is
a) Pellagra
b) Cheilosis
c) Scurvy
d) Rickets

10. Calcium deposition in soft tissues is due to
a) deficiency of vitamin D
b) excess of vitamin D
c) excess of vitamin C
d) deficiency of vitamin C

11. Deficiency of Calcium may lead to a condition called
a) Giotre
b) Anaemia
c) Tetany
d) Scurvy

12. Beriberi is due to the deficiency of
a) vitamin D
b) vitamin A
c) vitamin B1
d) vitamin C
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1. c) microcytic anaemia
2. d) Vitamin K
3. d) Osteomalacia
4. a) Rickets
5. c) Iodine
6. a) Marasmus
7. b) excess of fluorine
8. a) Pernicious anaemia
9. b) Cheilosis
10. b) excess of vitamin D
11. c) Tetany
12. c) vitamin B1
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