Multiple Choice Questions on Linkage and Crossing Over | Genetics MCQ

1. Who coined the term linkage?
a) Correns
b) Mendel
c) Morgan
d) de Vries

2. Mendel did not observe linkage due to
a) Mutation
b) Synapasis
c) Crossing over
d) Independent assortment

3. The phenomenon of linkage was first observed in the plant
a) Lathyrus odoratus
b) Pisum sativum
c) Datura
d) Mirabilus jalapa

4. How many linkage groups of chromosomes will be present in case of maize, if all its genes are mapped?
a) 5
b) 10
c) 15

5. Crossing over occurs during
Crossing Over
a) Pachytene
b) diplotene
c) diakinesis
d) pachytene

6. Crossing over is more frequent in
a) males
b) females
c) both
d) None of these

7. Crossing over in diploid organism is responsible for
a) dominance of genes
b) Segregation of alleles
c) Recombination of linked genes
d) Linkage between genes

8. Complete linkage has been reported in
a) Maize
b) Human female
c) Male Drosophila
d) Female Drosophila

9. Coupling and repulsion phenomenon was concerned with
Coupling and repulsion
a) Crossing over
b) Mutation
c) Linkage
d) All of these

10. Linkage prevents
a) Homozygous condition
b) Segregation of alleles
c) Hybrid formation
d) Heterozygous condition
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1. c) Morgan
2. d) Independent assortment
3. a) Lathyrus odoratus
4. b) 10
5. a) Pachytene
6. b) females
7. c) Recombination of linked genes
8. c) Male Drosophila
9. c) Linkage
10. b) Segregation of alleles
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