Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Muscle Contraction

1. The functional unit of contractile system in striated muscle is
a) myofibril
b) Cross bridges
c) Z band
d) sarcomere

2. Which of the following is the contractile protein of a muscle?
a) Tubulin
b) Myosin
c) Tubulin
d) all of these

3. The contractile protein of skeletal muscle involving ATPase activity is
a) actin
b) myosin
c) troponin
d) tropomyosin

4. Which of the following is a component of actin filaments of a sarcomere?Muscle contraction
a) myosin and troponin
b) troponin and actin
c) actin and myosin
d) troponin, tropomyosin and actin

5. Muscle fatigue sets in due to non availability of
a) Calcium
b) ATP
c) actin binding site
d) Mg cofactor

6. Muscles get fatigue due to accumulation of
a) Lactic acid
b) ATP
c) Phosphate molecules
d) Carbon dioxide

7. Which one of the following sets of ions are necessary in the chemical events for muscle contraction?
a) Na+ and K+
b) Ca+ and Mg++ ions
c) Na+ and Ca++ ions
d) Na+ and Mg++ ions

8. Light band has which of the following filament protein?
a) Myosin
b) Actin
c) Myosin and actin
d) None of these

9. Upon stimulation of skeletal muscles calcium is immediately made available for binding to troponin from
a) blood
b) sarcoplasmic reticulum
c) lymph
d) bone

10. What is sarcomere?
Actin and Myosin

a) Part between two H line
b) Part between two A line
c) Part between two Z line
d) Part between two I band

Learn more:
1. d) sarcomere
2. b) Myosin
3. b) myosin
4. d) troponin, tropomyosin and actin
5. b) ATP
6. a) Lactic acid
7. b) Ca+ and Mg++ ions
8. b) Actin
9. b) sarcoplasmic reticulum
10. c) Part between two Z line

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