MCQ on Animal Physiology - Locomotion and Movement

1. Skeletal muscle fibre is
a) Multinucleated
b) uninucleated
c) binucleated
d) anucleated

2. Muscle of heart is known as
a)  Striated
b) Cardiac
c)  voluntary
d)  Non striated

Skeletal System
3. The number of bones in the appendicular skeleton is
a)  206
b) 80
c) 120
d) 126

4. Total number of bones in man
a) 206
b) 205
c) 204
d) 201

5. Number of vertebrae in man is
a) 32
b) 33
c) 26
d) 28

6.  Alternative source of energy for muscle contraction is
a)  ATP
b) creatine phosphate
c)  glycolysis
d)  all of these

7. Muscles are connected to the bones by
a) ligament
b) Tendons
c)  Cartilage
d)  Bone

8. Where do you find osteocytes
a) Cartilage
b) Blood
c)  Bone
d) Liver

9. Which of the following is a freely movable joint?
a)  Ball and socket
b) Fibrous joint
c)  cartilagous joint
d)  both a and b

10. Elbow joint is a
a) Saddle joint
b) Ball and socket joint
c) Pivot joint
d) Hinge joint

   Learn more:
1.   a) Multinucleated
2.   b) Cardiac
3.   d) 126
4.   a) 206
5.   c) 26
6.   c)  glycolysis
7.   b) tendons
8.   c)  Bone
9.   a)  Ball and socket
10. d) Hinge joint
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