Multiple Choice Questions on Reproductive Health

1. Identify the odd one
a) Vaults
b) Periodic abstinence
c) IUD’S
d) Diaphragms

Reproductive Health 
2. Which among the following is / are not a copper releasing IUDS?
a) CuT
b) Lippes loop
c) LNG 20
d) Both b and c

3. Contraceptive pills does not,
a) engulfs the sperm
b) Alter the quality of cervical mucus
c) Prevents the entry of sperm
d) Inhibits implantation.

4. Expand MTP
a) Mechanical Transfer of Pollen
b) Medical Termination Parturition
c) Medical Termination of Pregnancy
d) Maternally Transmitted Pathogens

5. Find the correct Pair
a) IUDs- Cervical caps
b) In vivo fertilization- ZIFT
c) Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection- IUT
d) Invitro fertilization- Test tube baby

6. Lactational amenorrhea is a kind of periodic abstinence in which chances of fertilization is prevented upto a maximum period after parturition is
a) two months
b) one year
c) one month
d) six months

7. Use of Intra Uternine Devices (IUDs) is one of the most widely accepted methods of contraception in India; because,
a) They increases the phagocytosis of sperms Suppresses sperm motility
b) Makes the uterus unsuitable for implantation
c) Reduces the fertilizing capacity of sperms
d) All

8. An ideal contraceptive should not be,
a) user friendly
c) Effective with least side effects
d) Easily available

9. After tubectomy which part of the female reproductive system remains blocked?
a) Cervix
b) Uternine cavity
c) Ovary
d) Fallopian tube

10. In invitro fertilization technique, zygote or early embryo (upto 8 blastomeres) is transferred into,
a) Uterus
b) Vagina
c) Cervical canal
d) Fallopian tube
Learn more:
1. b) Periodic abstinence
2. d) Both b and c
3. a) engulfs the sperm
4. c) Medical Termination of Pregnancy
5. d) Invitro fertilization- Test tube baby
6. d) six months
7. d) All
8. b)Irreversible
9. d) Fallopian tube
10. d) Fallopian tube


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