Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

MCQ on Reproduction and Development

1. The central fluid filled cavity of the blastula is known as
a)  archenteron
b) blastocoel
c) blastocyst
d) morula

2. Genetic identity of a human male is determined by

Sex Determination in Humans
Sex Determination in Humans

a) Autosomes
b) Nucleolus
c) Cell organelles
d) Sex chromosomes

3. Sertoli cells are found in
a) Liver
b) seminiferous tubules
c) Heart
d) Germinal epithelium

4. Fertilizin is a chemical substance produced from
a) Mature eggs
b) acrosome
c) Polar bodies
d) Middle piece of sperm

5. Fertilization of ova in human take place in
a) ovary
b) Vagina
c) Fallopian tube
d) Uterus

6. The cells which secrete male sex hormone testosterone are
a) isthmus
b) Crypt cells
c) Lieberkiihn
d) Leydig’s cells

7. In human beings, the eggs are
a) microlecithal
b) macrolecithal
c) mesolecithal
d)  alecithal

8. The morphogenetic movement change the hollow spherical blastula into a
a) Embryonic disc
b) Gastrula
c) Morula
d) Neurula

9.  In humans, the placenta is


a) Haemochorial
b) Endothelial
c) Epitheliochorial
d) Syndesmochorial

10. Implanation of blastocyst occurs on
a) 4th day
b) 5 th day
c) 6 th day
d) 7 th day
1.       b) blastocoels
2.       d) Sex chromosomes
3.       b) seminiferous tubules
4.       a) Mature eggs
5.       c) Fallopian tube
6.       d) Leydig’s cells
7.       d)  alecithal
8.       b) Gastrula
9.       a) Haemochorial
10.   d) 7 th day

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