Multiple Choice Questions on Plant Breeding

1. Breeding for disease resistance requires
a) a good source of resistance
b) Planned hybridization
c) Diseases test
d) all of these

2. Polyploidy is induced through
a) Irradiation
b) Mutagenic chemicals
c) Ethylene
d) Colchicine

3. Heterosis is
a) Appearance of spontaneous mutations
b) Induction of mutations
c) Mixture of two or more traits
d) Superiority of hybrids over their parents.

4. The quickest method of plant breeding is
a) introduction
b) Selection
c) Hybridisation
d) Mutation Breeding

5. The new varieties of plants are produced by
a) Introduction and mutation
b) Selection and hybridisation
c) Mutation and Selection
d) Selection and Introduction

6. Pure line breed refers to
a) heterozygosity only
b) homozygosity only
c) homozygosity and self assortment
d) heterozygosity and linkage

7. A scientist wants to study the viral effects on plants. Which of the following part of the plant should be excluded?
a) pith
b) shoot apex
c) phloem
d) cortex

8. Somatic hybridisation is achieved through
a) Grafting
b) Conjugation
c) Protoplast fusion
d) Recombinant DNA technology

9. Bagging is done to
a) Avoid cross-pollination
b) Avoid self-pollination
c) Achieve the desired pollination
d) Prevent contamination from foreign pollen 

10. A technique of micropropagation is
a) Multiple root production
b) Somatic embryogenesis
c) Growth of microorganisms on culture medium
d) Multiple shoot production and embryo rescue

Learn more
1. d) all of these
2. d) Colchicine
3. d) Superiority of hybrids over their parents.
4. d) Mutation Breeding
5. b) Selection and hybridisation
6. b) homozygosity only
7. b) shoot apex
8. c) Protoplast fusion
9. d) Prevent contamination from foreign pollen
10. b) Somatic embryogenesis


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  1. It is very useful and nice ieda

  2. Please share more MCQs.

  3. These few questions helped me . Share more MCQ questions

  4. quickest method is introduction

    1. Mutation breeding is a quick way to introduce sudden changes in the genome of the plant. So option 'd' is correct.

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