Multiple choice questions on Genomics

MCQ on Genomics

1. Which of the following is correct regarding genomics?
a) It include mapping of genome
b) It include genome sequencing 
c) It include genome analysis
d) All of these

2. Genomics is the study of genomes. Genome refers to the
a) DNA of an organism
b) total DNA and RNA of an organism
c) entire genes of an organism
d)  total DNA, RNA and cDNA of an organism

3. The term genomics was coined by
a) Thomas Cech
b) T.H Morgan
c) Thomas Roder
d) Craig Venter

4. The first completed genome sequencing project is of
a) E.coli
b) Haemophilus influezae
c) ØX174
d) Drosophila melanogaster

5. International Human Genome project was initiated by
a) National Institute of Health (NIH)
b) Celera genomics
c) US Department of Energy (DoE)
d)  NOH and US DoE

6. DNA sequencing followed by genome annotation are steps of
a) Comparative genomics
b) Structural genomics
c) Functional genomics
d) transcriptomics

7. All are genome sequencing strategies except
a) Edman degradation method
b) short gun library
c) Whole genome short gun sequencing
d) Directed gene sequencing

8. Small cDNA sequence that represents a unique segment of an active gene is called  
a) SNPs
b) SnRNAs
c) ESTs
d)  contigs
9. Which of the following is not a gene expression database?
a) GenBank
b) Flyview
c) SeedGenes
d) BodyMap

10. Variation between individuals due to single base changes is called as
a) ESTs
b) contigs
c) SNPs
d) Transversion

Learn more:

1. d) All of these
2. c) entire genes of an organism
3. c) Thomas Roder
4 . c) ØX174
5. d)  NOH and US DoE
6. b) Structural genomics
7. a) Edman degradation method
8. c) ESTs*
9. a) GenBank
10. c) SNPs*
SNP: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, EST: Expressed sequence tags

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