Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

MCQ on Human Diseases

1. Bone cancer belongs to the category
a) carcinoma
b) malignant lymphoma
c) sarcoma

2. Which one is correctly matched?
a) oncogenes- ageing
b) AIDS virus-reverse transcriptase
c)replication fork-mRNA
d)initiation factors-amino acid activation

3. Eruptive diseases are
a) mumps and measles
b) mumps and poliomyelitis
c) measles and chickenpox
d) poliomyelitis and syphilis

4. Jaundice, a physiological disease of liver is commonly due to
a) bacterium
b) helminth
c) protozoan 
d) virus
MCQ on Human Diseases

5. Rheumatic heart disease is caused by
a)repeated fever
b) cox sakieB 4 virus
c) streptococcal infection
d) all of these

6. Presence of RBC in urine is
a) nephritis

7. Different species of Mycobacterium cause
a)Syphilis and Diphtheria
b)Whooping cough and leprosy
c)Tuberculosis and Leprosy
d)Syphilis and Gonorrhea

8. Which of the following is a cancerous disease?
a)angina pectoris
b)epidemic jaundice
d) all of the above

9. Which one of the following is the second biggest cancer among women after breast cancer?
a)cancer of ovary
b)cancer of ovary
c)cancer of cervix
d)cancer of mouth

10. In leukemia there is tremendous increase in the numbers of
 a)red blood corpuscles
b)immature cells
c)white blood corpuscles
d)both white blood cells and immature cells
Learn more:
1. c) sarcoma
2. d)initiation factors-amino acid activation
3. c) measles and chickenpox
4. d) virus
5. d) all of these
6. d)hematuria
7. c)Tuberculosis and Leprosy
8. c)leukemia
9. c)cancer of cervix
10. Ans: d)both white blood cells and immature cells

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