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Multiple choice on Prokaryotic Cell Structure

MCQ on Prokaryotic Cell Structure
1. Which of the following is the typical feature of a prokaryotic cell?
a) absence of DNA
b) absence of nucleus
c) absence of RNA
d) absence of cell wall
Multiple choice on Prokaryotic Cell Structure
2. The region in prokaryotic cell where double stranded single circular DNA is present is called as
a) nucleoplasm
b) nuclues
c) nucleoid
d) protonucleus

3. Ribosomes in prokaryotic cells are
a) 80 S
b) 70 S
c) 60S + 40 S
d) 50S + 40 S

4. Extra chromosomal self replicating ds circular DNA molecules present in bacteria are called
a) episomes
b) plasmid
c) plastid
d) extra chromosomes

5. The membranous infolding which is thought to be the site of DNA replication in bacteria is  called
a) plasmids
b) nucleoids
c) mesosomes
d) pili

6. The cell wall of eubacteria is made up of
a) cellulose
b) peptidoglycan
c) phospholipids
d) chitin

7. The extracellular appendage which helps in movement in bacteria 
a) pili
b) flagella
c) flagellin

8. Extremely fine  extracellular structures involved in cell to cell contact is
a) flagella
b) cilia
c) pili
d) spinae

9. In some bacteria, there is a slimy layer outside to cell wall considered as virulence factor is called
a) capsule
b) plasmid
c) outer layer
d) fimbriae

10. Which of the following are characteristics of prokaryotic cells?
a) Absence of nucleus
b) Absence of cell organelles
c) Presence of 70S ribosomes
d) All of the above
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1. b) absence of nucleus
2. c) nucleoid
3. b) 70 S
4. b) plasmid
5. c) mesosomes
6. b) peptidoglycan
7. b) flagella
8. c) pili
9. a) capsule
10. d) All of the above

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