MCQ on Food Products Technology || Food Technology MCQ

 1. During extrusion cooking, food materials are generally subjected to a combination of

A) high shear and low pressure

B) high temperature and high shear

C) low shear and high temperature

D) low shear and lower pressure


2. Which of the following is commonly used as a preservative in the tomato sauce?

A) sodium sulphite

B) potassium sorbate

C) potassium sulphite

D) sodium benzoate

3. ‘Red dog’ is one of the byproducts during milling of

A) Ragi

B) Corn

C) Rice

D) Wheat

4. The grade of tea in the increasing order of their leaf size are ----, ---- and -----.

A) souchong, pekoe and orange pekoe

B) pekoe, souchong and orange pekoe

C) orange pekoe, souchong and pekoe

D) orange pekoe, pekoe and souchong


MCQ on Food Products Technology

5. Standard pasteurization protocol for milk is adequate for destroying

A) Clostridium sporogenes

B) Bacillus cereus

C) Clostridium botulinum

D) Listeria mono


6. Choose the target organism for milk pasteurization from the following.

A) Mycobacterium tuberculosis

B) Coxiella burnetii

C) Clostridium botulinum

D) Bacillus cereus


7.Blanching influences vegetable tissues in terms of

A) enzymes reproduction

B) alternation of cytoplasmic membrane

C) stabilization of cytoplasmic proteins

D) stabilization of nuclear proteins


8. The protein responsible for spongy structure in bread is
A) albumin

B) zein

C) gluten

D) gliadin


9. The most common and least expensive plastic film used for packaging of solid food materials is

A) polyethylene

B) polystyrene

C) polypropylene

D) polyvinylchloride


10. A mild heat treatment of foods that destroys pathogens and extends its shelf life is called.

A) baking

B) blanching

C) sterilization

D) pasteurization

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1. B) high temperature and high shear

2. D) sodium benzoate

3. D) Wheat

4. D) orange pekoe, pekoe and souchong

5. B) Bacillus cereus

6. B) Coxiella burnetii

7. B) alternation of cytoplasmic membrane

8. C) gluten

9. A) polyethylene

10. D) pasteurization

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