MCQ on Food Engineering || Food Technology MCQ

 1.The factor most responsible for making good ice cream is

A) water content

B) mixing index

C) emulsifying agent

D) homogenization

 2. Which one of the following is not a component of an evaporator?

A) Heat exchanger

B) Condenser

C) Vacuum separator

D) Cyclone separator

MCQ on Food technology - Food engineering

 3. The rate of cream separation in a disc bowl centrifuge can be increased by

A) increasing the size of the bowl

B) lower viscosity of fluid

C) increasing rpm of the bowl

D) all of these.

 4. Identify the correct statement related to the viscosity of Newtonian fluids from the following.

A) It is not influenced by temperature

B) It increases with shearing rate

C) It decreases with shearing rate

D) It is not influenced by shearing date

5. Identify the example of a classical diffusional mass transfer process without involving heat, among the following.

A) Drying of food grains

B) Carbonation of beverages

C) Distillation of alcohol

D) Concentration of fruit juice 

6. Ratio of Schmidt number to Lewis number is

A) Prandtl number

B) Nusselt Number

C) Reynolds number

D) Sherwood number

7. A fluid with flow behavior index less than one (n>1) is

A) dilatant

B) pseudoplastic

C) Bingham plastic

D) Newtonian

8. Power consumption in liquid mixing is proportional to ------

A) power number x liquid density x (rotational speed )3x (impeller diameter)3

B) power number X liquid density X (rotational speed )2X (impeller diameter)3

C) power number X liquid density x viscosity of the liquid(rotational speed )3X (impeller diameter)3

D) Acceleration due to gravity X liquid density x rotation speed X (impeller diameter)5

9. What is the percent relative humidity at which both the dry bulb and wet bulb thermometers would record equal temperatures

A) 0

B) 10

C) 50

D) 100 

10. How many fold would the g  number of a centrifuge increasing by doubling both the spinning speed and bowl diameter?

A) 2

B) 4

C) 8

D)  16

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1. D) homogenization

2. D) Cyclone separator

3. D) all of these.

4. D) It is not influenced by shearing date

5. B) Carbonation of beverages

6. A) Prandtl number

7. B) pseudoplastic

8. A) power number x liquid density x (rotational speed )3x (impeller diameter)3

9. D) 100

10. C) 8

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