MCQ on Typification in Taxonomy

MCQ on Typification in Taxonomy

1. The newly collected specimen which is used as a substitute, when the original type of material is missing in a herbarium, is designed as

a) Lectotype

b) Isotype

c) Syntype


2) A selection selected from the original material to serve as a nomenclatural type when no holotype was designated at the time of publication is called:

a) lectotype

b) Syntype

c) Epiphyte

d) Neotype

3) A Syntype Is:

a) Specimen used by the author a nomenclatural type

b) Any duplicate of the holotype

c) Specimen cited in the protologue other than the holotype

d) Anyone of the two or more specimens cited by  the author when no holotype was designated

4) A specimen later selected to serve as the single type specimen when an original holotype has been lost or destroyed or where the original author never cited a specimen?

a) Paratype

b) Syntype

c) Lectotype

d) Neotype

5. The specimens or element designated by the author as nomenclatural type is

a) Neotype

b) Holotype

c) Isotype


6. A specimen or other element selected to serve as nomenclatural type as long as all of the material on which description of the new species was based is missing is called

a) Syntype

b) Holotype



7. A plant specimen cited with the original description other than the holotype is: 

A) Paratype 

B) Neotype 

C) Leptotype 

D) Syntype

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1. d)Neotype

2. a) lectotype

3. d)Anyone of the two or more specimens cited by  the author when no holotype was designated

4. d)Neotype

5. b) Holotype

6. c)Neotype

7. A) Paratype 

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