Multiple Choice Questions on Evolution

1. The naturalist who independently conceived the idea of natural selection along with Darwin

A)Alfred Russel Wallace

B) Charles Lyell

C) Joseph Hooker

D) John Henslo

2. The theory proposed by Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge to explain Evolution

A)Theory of Genetic Equilibrium

B) Theory of Genetic drift

C) Theory of Orthogenesis

D) Theory of punctuated Equilibrium 

3. A system of classification based on the phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary history groups of organisms:

A) Phyletic


C) Phenetics

D) Phylogenetics

4. Which of the following fish is considered to be a living fossil

A) Lepidosiren

B) Protopterus

C) Latimeria 

D) Neoceratodus 

5. Protein that was used to create the first phylogenetic tree based on molecular data:

 A) Cytochrome B

 B) Cytochrome A

 C) Cytochrome D

 D) Cytochrome C

6. Both birds and Bats fly and have wings. Wings of birds and bats represent

 A) Analogous structures

 B) Homologous structures

 C) Vestigial structures

 D) Phylogenetically conserved structures

7. The loss of genetic variation that occurs when a new population is established by a very small number of individuals from a larger population is known as

 A) Genetic stability principle

 B) Hardy Weinberg Principle

 C) Founder Principle

 D) Speciation principle

8. An example of Coevolution is


A) Evolution of bees and flowers they pollinate

B)Evolution of horse and deer

C)Evolution of marsupials and placental mammals

D) Evolution of man and ape

9. The finches on the Galapagos Islands have widely differing beaks adapted according to their diets. This is an example of

A) adaptive radiation


C)parallel radiation

D) adaptive convergence

10. Which one of the following is an example of sympatric speciation?

A) Evolution of birds and bats wings

B)Speciation of squirrels separated by a wide river

C)Origin of new species among wasps that pollinate figs
D) Emergence of a new species among finches that mirated to an island and thus isolated from heir ancestors  

Learn more:
1. A)Alfred Russel Wallace
2. D) Theory of punctuated Equilibrium
3. B)Cladistics
4. C) Latimeria 
5. D) Cytochrome C
6. A) Analogous structures
7. C) Founder Principle
8. A) Evolution of bees and flowers they pollinate
9. A) adaptive radiation
10. C)Origin of new species among wasps that pollinate figs  

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