MCQ on Immunology questions - Isograft, Allograft, Xenograft, Autograft

1. The largest secondary lymphoid organ is: 

 A) Spleen

 B) Thymus


D) Lymph nodes 


2. The major immunoglobulin found in the colostrums of milk in nursing mothers: 

A) IgG 

B) IgM

C) IgD

D) IgA


3. Match the following

 Group I        Group II

 a. IgA        1. Basophils

 b. IgE        2. Crosses placenta

 c. IgG       3. Secretory component

 d. IgM      4. Pentamer


A) a-3, b-1, c-2, d-4

B) a-3, b-4 c-2, d-1

C) a-2, b-3, c-1, d-4 

D) a-2, b-1, c-3, d-4


4. For class I MHC, which of the following statements are correct?

 1. They are expressed on all nucleated cells

 2. They are made up of a heavy chain and a light chain

 3. They are essential for viral antigen recognition by cytotoxic cells

 4. The genes for HLA class I molecules are located on chromosome 6 and 15

A) 1 &3 only 

B) 1 & 2 only

C) 2 & 3 only

D) 1, 3 & 4 only


5. Interaction between a single paratope with an epitope is called:

  A) Cross-reaction

 B) Avidity

 C) Affinity 

 D) Serological reactions


6. Type I hypersensitivity is mediated by

  A) IgG 

 B) IgE 

 C) IgM

 D) IgD

7. Match the following:

 Group I                       Group II

 a. Isograft                  1. Graft from one body part to another of the same individual

 b. Allograft                 2. Graft between individuals from different species

 c. Xenograft              3. Graft between genetically identical individuals

 d. Autograft               4. Graft between genetically different individuals within a species


 A) a-4, b-2, c-3, d-1 

B) a-3, b-4, c-2, d-1

C) a-3, b-2, c-4, d-1 

D) a-3, b-1, c-4, d-2


Immunology mcq - Type of Transplant -Autograft, Isograft,  Xenograft, Allograft

8. Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease caused by

 A) Autoantibodies against cell nuclei and intracytoplasmic cell constituents

 B) Autoantibodies against acetylcholine receptor on the myoneural junction

 C) Autoantibodies against cells of the zona glomerulosa

 D) Autoantibodies against parietal cells of the gastric mucosa


9. Antibiotic used for the selection of hybridoma is:

 A) Neomycin 

B) Tetracycline

C) Aminopterin 

D) Actinomycin D


10. A drug used for the treatment of AIDS:

 A) Propanolol

B) Azidothymidine

C) Cimetidine 

D) Hirudin


11. Interferons are:

A) Proteins released by the cells in response to viral infection

B) protein molecules that render unattacked  cells  susceptible to viral attack

C) A specific type of immunoglobulin

D) Both A and B


12. The first recombinant antigen vaccine approved for human usage is for: 

 A) HIV 

B) Hepatitis B 

C) Polio

D) Influenza 

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1.  A) Spleen

2. D) IgA

3. A) a-3, b-1, c-2, d-4

4. D) 1, 3 & 4 only

5. C) Affinity 

6. B) IgE 

7. B) a-3, b-4, c-2, d-1

8.  B) Autoantibodies against acetylcholine receptor on the myoneural junction

9. C) Aminopterin 

10. B) Azidothymidine

11. D) Both A and B

12. B) Hepatitis B 

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