SET Biotech Questions and Answers (41-60)

41. A molecule involved in methyl group transfer reactions:

A) S adenosyl methionine

B) Adenosine tri phosphate

C) 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate

D) Pyridoxal phosphate

42. Bilirubin is formed from:

A) Heme catabolism 

B) Cholesterol catabolism

C) Protein degradation

D) Bile acid catabolism

43. Match the following.

a. Myosin 1. Calcium

b. Troponin 2. Myosin binding site

c. Tropomyosin 3. ATP binding

A) a-2, b-1, c-3 

B) a-3, b-2, c-1

C) a-2, b-3, c-1 

D) a-3, b-1, c-2

44. For each molecule of glucose, total input of ATP (or GTP) required for glycolysis and gluconeogenesis are:

A) 2 and 4 respectively 

B) 4 and 6 respectively

C) 4 each

D) 2 and 6 respectively

SET Biotech Questions and Answers

45. Humulin insulin made from:

A) Klebsiella pneumonia

B) Pseudomonas aeruginosa

C) Streptomyces griseus 

D) Escherichia coli

46. Which among the following is true in relation to drug receptors ?

A) All drugs act through specific receptors

B) All drug receptors are located on the surface of the target cells

C) Agonists induce a conformational change in the receptor

D) Partial agonists have low affinity for the receptor

47. The therapeutic index of a drug is a measure of its:

A) Safety B) Potency C) Efficacy D) Dose variability

48. Pharmacokinetics is:

A) The study of carcinogenic activity of a new drug

B) The study of biological and therapeutic effects of the drugs

C) The method of development of new pharmacological agent

D) The study of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs

49. A drug that binds to a cell receptor and causes a response is called:

A) Agonist B) Antagonist C) Receptor blocker D) Synergist

50. The technology used to produce monoclonal antibodies:

A) mass culture technology 

B) hybridoma technology

C) suspension culture

D) none of these

51. Natural humoral immune response against a pathogen leads to the production of :

A) Polyclonal antibodies 

B) Monoclonal antibodies

C) Macrophages 

D) None of these

52. The estimation of COD of an effluent does not include the use of

A) Calcium chloride 

B) Mercuric sulphate

C) Silver sulphate 

D) Potassium dichromate

53. ------- is a floc - based waste water treatment method.

A) Activated sludge

B) Trickling filter

C) Rotating biological contactor

D) Fluidized bed reactor

54. -------- is not an aerobic treatment strategy.

A) Composting 

B) Activated sludge system



55. Plasmid assisted molecular breeding is relevant to:

A) Waste Water treatment

 B) Solid Waste treatment

C) Biodegradation

 D) Food processing

56. Enzyme commonly used for the clinical diagnosis of diabetes mellitus:

A) Streptokinase 

B) Glucokinase

C) Desaturase

 D) Glucose Oxidase

57. Photosynthetic pigments are located in the:

A) Stroma 

B) Thylakoid lumen

C) Thylakoid membrane

D) Chloroplast membrane

58. If you want to separate two membrane receptor proteins of similar sizes and charges in a cell extract, which chromatography is a suitable choice to separate them?

A) Gel permeation chromatography

B) Affinity chromatography

C) Ion exchange chromatography


59. NADPH is involved in:

A) Reductive biosynthesis

B) ROS generation

C) Detoxification 

D) All of the above

60. Unmyelinated neurons are protected by:

A) Schwann cells

B) Inhibitory neurotransmitters

C) Inhibitory peptides

D) Mitochondria

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41.A) S adenosyl methionine
42. A) Heme catabolism 
43. D) a-3, b-1, c-2
44. B) 4 and 6 respectively
45. D) Escherichia coli
46. C) Agonists induce a conformational change in the receptor
47. A) Safety 
48. D) The study of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs
49. A) Agonist
50. B) hybridoma technology
51. A) Polyclonal antibodies
52. A) Calcium chloride 
53. A) Activated sludge
54. C) UASB 
55. C) Biodegradation
56. D) Glucose Oxidase
57. C) Thylakoid membrane
58. B) Affinity chromatography
59. D) All of the above
60. A) Schwann cells

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