MCQ on Modern Trends in Plant Taxonomy - Numerical Taxonomy

1. A taxonomic system based only on the traits that reflect the order in time in which branches arose in a phylogenetic tree is called

A) Phylogeny

B) Cladistic

C) Classical evolutionary taxonomy

D) Phenetics

2. The lowest ranking taxa in numerical taxonomy is

A) Species 

B) Operational taxonomic unit

C) Character states 

D) Variety

MCQ on Modern Trends in Plant Taxonomy - Numerical Taxonomy

3. Taxonomy, when it is strengthened by incorporating data from semantides and non-semantides is called

A) Numerical taxonomy 

B) Cytotaxonomy

C) Chemotaxonomy

D) Alpha taxonomy


4. Cladistic relationship is expressed in terms of correlation amongst individuals with regard to

A) Phenotypic characters

B) Their evolutionary history

C) Relationship between operational taxonomic unit

D) Their chromosomal behaviour

5. Level of taxonomic study concerned with the biological aspects of taxa, including intraspecific populations, speciation, evolutionary rates and trends

A) Alpha taxonomy
B) Beta taxonomy

C) Gamma taxonomy 
D) Theta taxonomy

6. The principles of Numerical taxonomy were developed by

A) Bentham and Hooker 

B) Engler and Prantl

C) Sneath and Sokal 

D) Takhtajan and Cronquist


7. Binomial of a plant with no accompanying description is known as

A) Tautonym 

B) Nomen nudum

C) Late homonym 

D) Later isonym

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1. B) Cladistic

2. B) Operational taxonomic unit

3. C) Chemotaxonomy

4. B) Their evolutionary history

5. C) Gamma taxonomy 

6. C) Sneath and Sokal 

7. B) Nomen nudum

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