MCQ on Milk | Food Microbiology MCQ

1. Example for Newtonian fluid is

a) milk

b) suspensions

c) pastes

d) emulsion


2. The vitamin which is deficient in milk is

a) D

b) A

c) B

d) C


MCQ on Milk | Food Microbiology MCQ

3.The first milk produces by cow after calving is called

a) Colostrum

b) Carotene

c) Metalene

d) Oestrum


4. Specific gravity of milk can be determined by using

a) Manometer

b) Hygrometer

c) Lactometer

d) Barometer


5. Which of the following cow breed gives maximum yield of milk?

a) Zebu

b) Jersy

c) Brown Swiss

d) Holstein-Friesian


6. Volhard’s method is used for detecting _________ content in butter.

a) sugar

b) salt

c) water

d) acid


7. Milk is a rich source of energy, the fat content in cow milk is _______ cal/g.

a) 2.6

b) 6.5

c) 4.2

d) 9.3


8. Which among the following is the range of the melting point of milk fat?

a) 18 – 20°C

b) 22 – 24°C

c) 28 – 30°C

d) 32 – 36°C


9. Identify the constituents in the milk protein.

a) Whey proteins

b) Casein

c) Ferritin

d) Both A) and B)


10. The enzyme used for the production of 'cheese' is      

a) Rennet        

b) Lipase         

c) Chymosin         

d) Lactase         


11. The calibration temperature of Quevenne's lactometer is

a) 29°C

b) 60°C

c) 15.5°C

d) 20.5°C


12. The time and temperature combination for 'Ultra high temperature' method of sterilization in milk is

a) 108 - 111°C for 25-30 minutes

b) 63-80°C for 30 minutes

c) 72°C for 15 seconds

d) 135-150°C for few seconds


13. The addition of vitamins and minerals to the milk is known as

a) Standardisation

b) Fortification

c) Condensation

d) Homogenisation


14. Khoa' is a milk product which comes under

a) Fermented milk product

b) Coagulated milk product

c) Frozen milk product

d) Heat desiccated milk product


15. What is the pH of milk?

a) 7.4

b) 6.5 to 6.7

c) 6.5 to 7.5

d) 8.2

16. Pasteurization is the process of heating milk:

a) above boiling point

b) below boiling point

c) above 500 degree Celsius

d) below 500 degree Celsius

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1. a) milk

2. d) C

3. a) Colostrum

4. c) Lactometer

5. Holstein-Friesian

6. b) salt

7. d) 9.3

8. d) 32 – 36°C

9. d) Both A) and B)

10. a) Rennet        

11. c) 15.5°C

12. d) 135-150°C for few seconds

13. b) Fortification

14. d) Heat desiccated milk product

15. b) 6.5 to 6.7

16. b) below boiling point

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