Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

MCQ on Animal Physiology - Nervous Co-ordination

1. The organ of corti is concerned with
a)  Hearing
b) Seeing
c)  Tasting
d)  Balancing

2. Which of the following is developed in the nervous system?
a)  Rigidity
b) Contractility
c)  Elasticity
d)  Excitability

3. The protective covering of brain is
a)  Pericardium
b) Pleura
c)  Peritoneum
d) Meninges

4. Number of cranial and spinal nerves in man
a) 12-21
b) 11-21
c) 21-31
d) 12-31

5. Visual area is located in
a)  Frontal lobe
b) Parietal lobe
c)  Temporal lobe
d) Occipital lobe

6.  Knee jerk phenomenon is a
a)  Conditional reflex
b) Unconditional reflex
c) Learned reflex
d)  Learned behaviour

7. In homeotherms the brain centre which regulate body temperature is located in
a)  cerebrum
b) Cerebellum
c)  Medulla oblongata
d)  Hypothalamus

8.  The Nissl granules of nerve cells are made up of

a) Ribosomes
b) Protein
c) RNA
d)  DNA

9. Which part of the brain is involved in loss of control when a person drinks alcohol
a)  cerebellum
b) Cerebrum
c) Medulla oblongata
d)  Hypothalamus

10. The vagus nerve is the cranial nerve numbering
a) 10
b) 9
c) 7
d) 5
1.       a)  hearing
2.       d)  Excitability
3.       d) Meninges
4.       d) 12-31
5.       d) Occipital lobe
6.       b) Unconditional reflex
7.       d)  Hypothalamus
8.       a)  Ribosomes
9.       a) cerebellum
10.   a) 10

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