MCQ on Animal Physiology - Hormonal Co-ordination

1. The first hormone isolated (1902) was
a)  thyroxine
b) vasopressin
c)  secretin
d) adrenaline

Endocrine System
2. Metabolic rate in mammals is controlled by 
a) pancreas
b) Liver
c) Thyroid
d)  Pituitary

3. Islets of Langerhans are found in
a) Liver
b) Spleen
c) Pancreas
d) Pituaitry

4. Myxoedema in adults is caused due to
a)  Hyperthyrodism
b) Deficiency of PTH
c)  over production of PTH
d)  Deficiency of thyroid hormone

5. Testosterone is secreted by
a) Leydig cells
b) Sertoli cells
c)  Histocyte
d)  Primary spermatocyte

6.  HCG is secreted by
a) placenta
b) Ovary
c) Thymus
d) Thyroid

7. Diabetes mellitus is due to the deficiency of
a) Insulin
b) LH
c) FSH
d)  glucogon

8. Cushing syndrome is due to the hyper secretion of
a) Adrenal cortex
b) Thyroid
c) Pituitary
d) Adrenal medulla

9. Oxytoxin stimulates the contraction of
a)  lung
b) Ovary
c)  Heart
d)  Uterus

10. Goitre is caused by
a)  Excess secretion of thyroxin
b) Deficiency of iodine
c)  Over eating
d)  Defective growth hormone

Learn more: 
  1.     c)  secretin
  2.     c) Thyroid
  3.     c) Pancreas
  4.     d)  Deficiency of thyroid hormone
  5.     a) Leydig cells
  6.     a) placenta
  7.    a) Insulin
  8.     a) Adrenal cortex
  9.     d)  uterus
  10.     b) Deficiency of iodine
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