Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Economic Zoology

1. Muga silk is produced by  Muga Silk Yarn Muga Silk Yarn
a) Anthreaea mylitta
b) Anthreaea pernyi
c) Anthreaea roylei
d) Anthreaea assamensis

2. Mulberry silkworm is
a) Bombyx mori
b) Anthraea mylitta
c) Anthreaea assamensis
d) Attacus atlas

3. The larger poison claws of the centipede are
a) mandibles
b) maxillepedes
c) Maxilae
d) Telson

4. Honey is nectar
a) Obtained from flowers and stored in beehive
b) And pollen obtained from flowers and stored in beehive
c) of flowers diluted by honey bee by mixing with saliva
d) of flowers processed by honey bee by mixing with saliva

5. Scientific and commercial method of bee keeping for production of honey and wax is called:
a) Apiculture
b) Sericulture
c) Silviculture
d) Pisciculture

6. The mouth part of honey bee used to mould wax and adhere pollen is
a) ligula
b) labium
c) labellum
d) labrum

7. Which of the following is also called the Lesser Grain Borer?
a) Tragoderma granarium
b) Tribolim castaneum
c) Calandra oryza
d) Rhizopertha dominica

8. Sitophilus oryzae is a common stored grain pest of
a) sugar
b) Wheat
c) Sugar cane
d) Pulses

9. Caterpillar which affects coconut is
a) Calandra oryza
b) Prodenia litura
c) Nephantis serenopa
d) Pectinophora gossypiella

10. The beetle, Callasobruchus causes damage to pulses
a) larval and stored pulses
b) adult and stored pulses
c) larval and standing crops
d) adult and standing crops

Learn more:
1. d) Anthreaea assamensis
2. a) Bombyx mori
3. b) maxillepedes
4. b) And pollen obtained from flowers and stored in beehive
5. a) Apiculture
6. d) labrum
7. d) Rhizopertha dominica
8. b) Wheat
9. c) Nephantis serenopa
10. b) adult and stored pulses

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