MCQ on Veterinary Sciences and Agriculture Sciences

1. Which Vitamin is not available in egg ?

 A) Vitamin A

 B) Vitamin B

 C) Vitamin C

 D) Vitamin D

2. A meat borne bacterial infection

 A) Taeniasis

 B) Toxoplasmosis

 C) Sarcocystis

 D) Salmonellosis

3. A cured meat product

 A) Sausage

 B) Bacon

 C) Keema

 D) Cutlet

4. The method of preservation of egg using sodium silicate

 A) Thermal processing

 B) Water glass method

 C) Lime sealing

 D) Oil coating

MCQ on Veterinary Sciences and Agriculture Sciences

Agricultural sciences

5. Which GM crop is approved in India ?

 A) Bt Corn B) Bt Brinjal C) Bt Cotton D) GM Tomato

6. The trap which is used widely to kill rice field rats is

 A) Snap trap

 B) Remote triggered trap

 C) Pot trap

 D) Automatic trap

7. A dull hollow sound when tapped is the maturity index of _________ crop.

 A) Papaya

 B) Pineapple

 C) Sapota

 D) Watermelon

8. Bheema is a high yielding variety of _________ mushroom.

 A) Paddy straw mushroom

 B) Button mushroom

 C) Oyster mushroom

 D) White milky mushroom

9. A chemical safely sprayed on bags of stored grains in godowns

 A) Carbosulfan

 B) Malathion

 C) Dimethoate

 D) Quinalphos

10. Which of the following is not an advantage of blanching ?

 A) For precooling

 B) To preserve colour

 C) To preserve flavor

 D) To inactivate enzymes

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1.  C) Vitamin C

 2. D) Salmonellosis

3. B) Bacon

4.  B) Water glass method

5. C) Bt Cotton

6.  C) Pot trap

7. D) Watermelon

8. D) White milky mushroom

9.  B) Malathion

10.  A) For precooling

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