Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams

Multiple Choice Questions on Mutation

1. Point mutation involves
a) deletion
b) insertion
c) duplication
d) change in single base pair

2. Transition type of gene mutation is caused when
a) GC is replaced by TA
b) CG is replaced by GC
c) AT is replaced by CG
d) AT is replaced by GC

3. Gene mutation occurs at the time of
a) DNA repair
b) DNA replication
c) Cell division
d) RNA transcription

4. The action of ultraviolet radiation on DNA to induce mutation is the
a) formation of thymine dimers
b) methylation of base pairs
c) deletion of base pairs
d) addition of base pairs

5. X rays causes mutation by
a) deletion
b) transition
c) transversion
d) base substitution

6. Which of the following have been developed by mutation?
a) Knol knol variety of castor
b) Aruna variety of barley
c) Erectiferum variety of cabbage
d) Reimei variety of Rice

7. Normally DNA molecule has A-T, G-C pairing. However these bases can exist in alternative valency status, owing to rearrangements called
a) point mutation
b) frame shift mutation
c) analogue substitution
d) tautomerisational mutation

8. In mutational event, when adenine is replaced by guanine, it is case of
a) transition
b) transcription
c) transversion
d) frame shift mutation
9. Muller was first to produce induced mutations in ---- by exposing them to X rays
a) Paramecium
b) Arabidopsis
c) Drosophila
d) Xenopus

10. Which of the following is not ionising radiations are
a) X rays
b) UV rays
c) cosmic rays
d) alpha rays
Learn more:
1. d) change in single base pair
2. d) AT is replaced by GC
3. b) DNA replication
4. a) formation of thymine dimers
5. a) deletion
6. d) Reimei variety of Rice
7. d) tautomerisational mutation
8. a) transition
9. c) Drosophila
10. b) UV rays

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